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<   No. 114   2003-05-19   >

Comic #114

1 Worm Master: Yes! Now I can control the mutant space worm!
2 Refractive Man: So the dinosaur DNA treated by a laser fired through my torso and fed to it on a spatula worked?
2 {A giant, mutant space worm is no longer crushing the city}
3 Captain Spatula, Dino Boy: EXCELLENT!!!
4 GM: You know, it's really hard coming up with uncontrived plots that fit these characters...

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Once again, superhero artwork is by the multitalented Dean Stahl. And if you haven't looked lately, he's also done cool character pictures for the Supers cast page.

Check out his portfolio at Steelhorse Studios.

2012-03-10 Rerun commentary: Dean did the lettering on these earliest Supers strips. The problem was that he drew them large, and when I shrunk the strips down to fit my constrained format size of the time, the text got really tiny.

We worked out a better system with later strips, where he'd simply draw the artwork, then I would lay out the dialogue and speech balloons over the top in Photoshop.

I was just looking through my files to show you a larger version of the art for this comic, but alas it looks like I never saved a copy at any larger file size. Perhaps because back when this comic was created I was much more conscious about saving every scrap of disk space on the primitive computer I had then. And figure I'd never have a use for a larger version. :-/

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