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<   No. 1148   2006-03-19   >

Comic #1148

1 Serron: {looking out the cockpit windows at a planet} Hey, what's this planet?
2 Paris: Lyrane. We have a cargo to deliver here, remember?
3 Serron: We deliver cargo??

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Ah, the good old double question mark. Although frowned upon in professional writing circles, doubling up the punctuation marks like this is actually a pretty effective way of conveying a tone of incredulity.

And yes, finally, after 148 strips in the space theme, we find out what these guys actually do with this space ship of theirs. Astute readers won't remember that they had a cargo to deliver to the planet of Lyrane, since I've never mentioned it before.

2015-07-13 Rerun commentary: Gosh, that's pretty a impressive feat of not revealing a major plot premise for a long time. I always had it in my own mind that the Space adventurers were cargo merchants - since that's what the real world roleplaying characters on which they are based did for a living. That fact had just never come up as a topic of conversation during the comic before now.

Wow. I'm still sitting here stunned at that. It just goes to show you really don't need to know much about characters to write comedy.

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