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<   No. 118   2003-05-23   >

Comic #118

1 Terry: Steve! It's mighty Cthulhu!
1 Steve: {tying the horror from beyond up with some rope} Crikey! He's a bit stroppy!
2 Terry: It's an unspeakable horror from the depths of mankind's most fevered imaginations!
2 Steve: 'E's just misunderstood!
3 Terry: It's a cyclopean blasphemy of hideous cosmic geometry!
3 Steve: Look at the tentacles and wings! Bewdiful!
4 Steve: It's another endangered species we must protect! {gestures to Cthulhu, struggling in its ropes}
4 Terry: You failed your SAN check, didn't you?

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The Cthulhu model is 100% Lego. It's made from a Lego octopus (available in catalogue number 4788, among others) attached to the head of a Tyrannosaurus using a long technic pin, with two dinosaur fins attached to the back as wings using 2x2 brackets.

2012-03-15 Rerun commentary: Huh. If only I'd scanned ahead a few strips when writing these rerun notes... I wouldn't have had anything to say three days ago!

The rope Steve uses here is made from string.

A SAN check is a "sanity check", as used in the roleplaying game Call of Cthulhu. When facing unspeakable hideous monstrosities from nether realms, the mind of a mere human can easily become unhinged. This is simulated in the game with a numerical Sanity score, which is inevitably eroded over time and exposure to the true horrors of the universe. At various junctures one must roll dice against this score to see if one has succumbed to the mind-wrenching blasphemies one has witnessed, or whether one may remain, for the nonce, more or less in control of one's mental faculties.

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This material is presented in accordance with the LEGO® Fair Play Guidelines.

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