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<   No. 1207   2006-05-17   >

Comic #1207

1 Iki Piki: {GMing a game from behind a GM's screen depicting Me superposed with the game title "Reality"} Your webcomic attains moderate popularity!
2 Serron: {writing on a character sheet} I use it to generate vast quantities of income!
2 Spanners: {waving his character sheet excitedly in the air} I use annotations to raise public awareness of science!
2 Paris: Uh, guys, the name of the game is Reality...

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This runner-up in the art contest I ran a while back is by Craig Stanton. I just couldn't figure out how to get this into the ongoing story arc, so in the end I decided to just let it sit as a stand-alone fourth-wall-busting gag.

Craig sent in three entries, but I really liked the drawing and the humour in this one. It almost worked without any dialogue at all. I'm not sure about the artwork on the cover of that roleplaying book, though.

2015-10-03 Rerun commentary: When you look at their clothing in a drawn version like this, you start to realise just how weird it really is for these characters.

But that's okay. After all, space clothes is a thing.

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