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<   No. 1212   2006-05-22   >

Comic #1212

1 {scene: Anakin has defeated Count Dooku to rescue Chancellor Palpatine, and now stands with two lightsabres poised at Dooku's neck.}
1 Palpatine: Good, Anakin, good. I knew you could do it. Kill him. Kill him now!
2 Anakin: I shouldn't...
2 Palpatine: Do it!!
3 Count Dooku: Yes, please, put me out of my misery...
3 Anakin: Huh?
4 Count Dooku: First cut from the cinematic release of Return of the King, now left in this... Oh, the pain...

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Although this looks like my work, this is another entry from the art competition a while back. This scene of Anakin contemplating Count Dooku's fate from Revenge of the Sith is from Gert Hansen.

I like the glowy effect Gert did with the lightsabres. He says the ships in the background are Venator-class star cruisers, and also made of LEGO, although it's a bit hard to tell at that scale.

2015-10-10 Rerun commentary: Christopher Lee, who plays Count Dooku in Star Wars Episodes II and III, and Saruman in Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings, was reinstated into the extended cut of The Return of the King. A good thing too, as it's a cool scene.

Venator-class star destroyers, by the way, are the sort that the Republic and the Jedi used during the Clone Wars era, flanked by the Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith films. So they are appropriate for this scene. The ones seen in the original trilogy are Imperial-class star destroyers.

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