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<   No. 1237   2006-06-16   >

Comic #1237

1 {scene: A press conference. The League of Good Guys are seated at the interview table, giving their story to the gathered press of the world.}
1 Worm Master: So as soon as we heard about the hijack we raced straight to the scene.
1 Refractive Man: Where we used our powers to determine where Aqualich and his cronies had gone.
1 Captain Spatula: Any questions? Yes, Mr Clark?
2 Kent Clark: So how come you're giving a press conference instead of chasing them?
2 Captain Spatula: {leaping dramatically to his feet} We have a public image to maintain!

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It's been a while since the last Supers strip. Dean Stahl draws these in his spare time, so I just have to take them as they come, but it's always worth the wait.

2015-11-14 Rerun commentary: If you check the transcript for this strip, you'll see that the reporter's full name is Kent Clark. This is the same Kent Clark who writes for "The Daily..." seen in strip 952. And here we can see that he wears glasses and has blue-black hair.

Who is this mysterious guy??

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