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<   No. 982   2005-10-04   >

Comic #982

1 Refractive Man: {peering intently at a large flake of brown material} My refractometric vision indicates this is cockroach chitin.
1 Captain Spatula: {examining a dead fish }This fish was last flipped over at Johnson's Seafood Mart - the Hippo's old haunt.
1 Worm Master: {concentrating} Sea Dog's nematode parasites tell me he's near radiation.
1 Dino Boy: I've picked up the scent. They headed west! {pointing west}
2 GM: {incredulous} When did you guys become competent?

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Well, what more needs to be said, really? Except thanks once again to Dean Stahl for the art.

2014-12-18 Rerun commentary: The dark grey thing in the background on the left is the underside of the armoured car which is flipped on its side, seen from another angle in the previous strip in this theme. I only mention this because it took me a minute to figure it out now.

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