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<   No. 1239   2006-06-18   >

Comic #1239

1 Marlowe: Ophelia, this revised text reads great. You and Shakespeare are really pulling for the team.
2 Ophelia: Sorry Mr Marlowe, but did you actually read it? There's... love poems all through it.
3 Mercutio: {butting in} Sounds like an improvement in government philosophy to me.
4 Loren: What? Love? In a government policy? We can't have that!

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Looking at these photos again as I write this annotation, I recall that when I took them I had the entire office set built, and Will was actually sitting in his chair typing at his computer. Not that you can see him, since he's left of shot in all these photos. But isn't it good to know he's actually there?

I had a bit of trouble finding Mr Marlowe for this. I'd mistakenly put him away in the wrong compartment of my character storage box last time I used him. So instead of being with the rest of the Shakespeare office cast, he was actually hanging out with the MythBusters and the Romans.

I don't think that qualifies as a crossover.

2015-11-17 Rerun commentary: Sometimes when presenting his company's material to third parties, Marlowe takes the credit for Shakespeare's work.

I wonder if any country has poetry in its constitution. Here in Australia we have poetry on our money, but that's not quite the same thing.

... for the word had passed around

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