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<   No. 1242   2006-06-21   >

Comic #1242

1 Prof. Jones: {ordering food from Erwin, through the prison cell bars} ... Schweinshaxe mit Spätzle, Kartoffelsalat mit diesen kleinen Speckstücken, und Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte und Apfelstrudel zum Nachtisch.
1 Erwin: No wurst?
2 Prof. Jones: No, it's the wurst.
2 Erwin: But we have die best of die wurst here in Berlin.
3 Prof. Jones: It's still the wurst, to be frank.
3 Minesota Jones: I never sausage a thing as a best wurst.
4 Monty: Aaaargghh!!!
4 Prof. Jones: {whispering to Erwin} Actually, bring us some wurst. This is fun.

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I seldom need to show people whispering or talking in a low voice, and I've tried a few different methods of showing it in the past. I think the simple smaller font size works well enough.

Oh and yes, Professor Jones is ordering a last meal in the first panel. Naturally he speaks German fluently. He's ordering pork knuckle with Swabian/Bavarian noodle/dumpling thingies (spätzle are kind of hard to describe succinctly), potato salad "with those little bacon bits", and black forest cake and apple strudel for dessert.


2015-11-21 Rerun commentary: My grandmother and mother made spätzle quite a lot when I was growing up. Only they made it by scooping tablespoon-sized blobs of the dough into boiling water, which produced individual dumplings about the size of walnuts in the shell, rather than lots of smaller pieces as shown in the above-linked Wikipedia article. So in the final dish served as a meal, you'd have maybe 6 or 8 of these individual spätzle dumplings, rather than countless hundreds as shown on Wikipedia.

I've never seen spätzle made this way anywhere else or by anyone else. So I'm wondering if this "giant" spätzle was just a cooking method that my grandmother came up with to make it easier or something.

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