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<   No. 127   2003-06-01   >

Comic #127

1 {Paris flattened by a kung-fu kick from Agent Smith}
2 {Iki-Piki, Spanners and Serron rush Agent Smith, who leaps in the air}
3 {Agent Smith execute an aerial kick that knocks down the other three}
5 {Agent Smith lands among the fallen combatants}
6 GM: Well, what do you expect if none of you take Virtual Kung Fu skill above default level?

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2012-03-26 Rerun commentary: Wow, some neat camera work here. These shots were all taken as composed, with no digital photo manipulation afterwards. Agent Smith is suspended in mid-air by various clever contrivances using transparent LEGO pieces, that are mostly hidden behind his body.

The panel composition is rather ambitious for this early in the comic too. It probably took me something like nine hours to compose the photos into the strip. :-)

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