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<   No. 1285   2006-08-03   >

Comic #1285

1 Spanners: It's time to put food for the Allosaurus into the cargo hold.
2 Serron: I'm not going in there.
2 Iki Piki: Don't look at me.
2 Paris: Insubstantial.
3 Quercus: I'll do it. {leaves to do the job}
4 Spanners: I knew hiring him was a good idea.
4 Serron: At this rate we won't even have to pay him...

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This is yet another strip that was changed at the last minute as I was putting it together. I originally ended on Spanners' line, without Serron adding his bit. It was a bit flat that way, and I'm happy with the enhanced version.

I also like how Paris begs out of the job by pointing out that she's insubstantial (so can't pick anything up to put it into the cargo hold). I wanted to have Serron say, "You have all the luck," but it just didn't fit nicely.

2016-01-20 Rerun commentary: Coming back to this now, I like to think of Chris Pratt's character Owen Grady in Jurassic World as a less cool and capable version of Quercus.

I was setting up a joke here that wouldn't pay off for another 86 strips. But so many readers spotted it and posted about it in the forums before the pay-off that by the time it came around it was almost not worth it.

But I did it anyway. Because once you've written a joke you hold on to it for all it's worth.

Even if that's nothing. Because, dammit, it took hard work to come up with that.

(If you haven't worked out what the joke is then you can remain in expectant suspense until we get there naturally through regular daily updates. Or if you really don't care about hurting my feelings even more, you can glimpse ahead 86 strips now...)

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