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<   No. 1288   2006-08-06   >

Comic #1288

1 Terry: {sitting by Steve's hospital bed as Jane Goodall enters} Jane! You flew all the way from Africa just to see Steve?
2 Jane Goodall: I heard he might not pull through. As a professional animal researcher, I had to come and pay due respect.
3 Terry: That's the crocodile. Steve's going to be fine in a few days.
4 Jane Goodall: Oh. Um... Here. I brought a "get well" gift.
4 Terry: Champagne?

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In my recent meeting with Jane Goodall (recent as I write this, several weeks in the past) I unfortunately didn't have the time to query her on her opinions of Steve Irwin (who the Steve in the comic might perhaps be somewhat loosely based on, if you believe the unrestrained hearsay and rampant speculation of some readers).

It's difficult meeting celebrities and having enough time to do more than babble a few incoherent words of awestruck fannishness. I'm absolutely positive Dr Goodall would make a fascinating dinner companion and there would be no end of interesting topics to discuss, as I suspect would be the case with many other celebrities, but it just isn't ever going to happen to an average joe. And fair enough, really. These people are entitled to private lives and not to be approached by random strangers who think they might be interesting to talk to. That some celebrities do give up their time to meet and greet fans shows that yes, some of them really are nice people.

2016-01-25 Rerun commentary: I was really pleased that I could make something resembling a wine bottle so closely. And doubly so using transparent green pieces, since many champagne bottles are tinted green.

By the way, I'm still waiting for that dinner invitation from Jane Goodall.

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