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<   No. 13   2003-02-02   >

Comic #13

1 Alvissa: This man's injured! {Man has sword through chest}
2 Lambert: Quick, get a healer!
3 Alvissa: I'm afraid he's beyond a healer.
4 Kyros: Quick, get a necromancer!

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2011-11-14 Rerun commentary: This gag is an almost direct copy of an actual conversation that occurred during a game I ran.

I got a lot of inspiration for these early comics from events that occurred in games. Indeed, the personalities of Kyros, Lambert, Mordekai, and Alvissa are pretty close to how my players played them. So it was never really a problem to develop their characters. If I was ever stuck writing a response for one of these characters, I'd just imagine what the appropriate player would do in that situation, and voilà, there it was!

This strip is (almost) a landmark in another sense as well. It's the first second time I mixed LEGO minifigures with the gaming miniatures used for the fantasy characters. This was never an easy thing to do, because they are at quite different scales, and the LEGO figures are unrealistically proportioned. Through the years I used several tricks when doing this, such as forced perspective or putting the gaming figures on platforms. Or in this case, lying the LEGO figure down so you can't judge how tall it is compared to the fantasy figures.

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