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<   No. 12   2003-02-01   >

Comic #12

2 Lambert: A friendly looking tavern. Just the place to partake of second supper. Don't do anything to upset the locals, Mordekai.
2 Mordekai: Would I do anything like that?
3 GM: You rolled whatfor Pick Pockets?
4 Locals: Kill the thief!

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2011-11-12 Rerun commentary: And we finally hear Mordekai's name for the first time. This comic also introduces two features that would become running gags (or at least references) throughout the comic.

Firstly, of course being fantasy adventurers, they have to frequent taverns. Unlike the trope though, they didn't actually meet in a tavern. Yep, this comic was defying tropes right from the beginning.

Secondly, Lambert (whose name still hasn't been established), shows the typically hobbitish trait of enjoying food. A lot. Lambert was described specifically in strip #3 as a hobbit. Usually fantasy roleplaying characters of his type are described by the euphemistically non-trademark-violating term "halfling", which is what Dungeons & Dragons calls them. But I decided to cut to the chase and refer to Lambert more simply by what everyone really wants to call characters of his type, a hobbit. This early decision ended up leading to a recurring motif throughout the run of IWC...

Picking pockets is a skill exclusive to thief class characters in early versions of Dungeons & Dragons, so the fact that Mordekai can do it (albeit badly in this case) would appear to label him as a specific type of person. He's already strenuously denied it (#3 again). So here we are a mere 12 strips into the comic, and already a lot of the groundwork has been laid for many of the recurring gags that appear much later on.

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