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<   No. 1328   2006-09-15   >

Comic #1328

1 {scene: Julius' alchemy lab}
1 Marcus: Are you sure about this alchemical preparation for my arthritis? {drinking hesitantly}
1 Julius: It's harmless.
2 Marcus: Whoa! My legs are amazingly limber and flexible! {flexing his legs easily}
2 Julius: Careful!
3 Marcus: I feel like hitting the danshe floor! Yeshiree..! Hic! {falls on the floor}
4 Legionary: {entering to check out the commotion} What's the racket in here?
4 Julius: He just can't hold his elixir...

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You may recall a few months ago I ran a competition calling for readers to submit art for a strip. The winner was announced back in #1157, but I still have a couple of runners-up to get through. This was sent in by Mike Rayhawk.

I'm not sure how Mike did this. It looks like he built a pretty faithful replica of the Roman alchemical lab set last seen in #1227, but then he's somehow manipulated Marcus' legs and body to produce this marvellous art.

2016-03-21 Rerun commentary: I've since discovered that Mike is, I am pretty sure, an artist who works for LEGO and uses various computer graphics tools to create "lifelike" LEGO figures, which look basically like real plastic figures, but have arbitrary flexibility. I don't know much more than this, but if you've ever bought a LEGO product, then it's possible that you've seen more of Mike's artwork.

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