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<   No. 1227   2006-06-06   >

Comic #1227

1 {scene: Julius' alchemy lab back in Rome.}
1 Marcus: Ah, we've recovered from our Underworld hallucinations. Looks like the Greek fire really didn't kill us.
2 Julius: Oh no. You know what this means?
3 Marcus: Yes, we still have full lives ahead of us!
4 Julius: No, it means we have to put up with another sarcastic journey with Charon.

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Finally we see that they are indeed still alive. Which required me reconstructing this set by referring back to the last strips with them in it. And after cropping the photos you can barely even see the glass ball on the bench near Julius.

2015-10-31 Rerun commentary: The multi-hued counter here reminds of this multi-coloured counter from the ancient Roman city of Pompeii:

Roman Fast Food

Okay, the resemblance might be superficial at best, but this was indeed the sort of thing I had in mind when building this set.

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