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<   No. 133   2003-06-07   >

Comic #133

1 Prof. Jones: Ah, Venice. My favourite city.
1 Monty: So, dad...
2 Monty: Now you've found the Grail, what are you going to do?
2 Prof. Jones: Oh, the Grail was just the beginning, Junior.
3 Prof. Jones: We must stop Hitler from getting the Spear of Longinus, the True Cross, the Emerald Codex of Hermes Trismegistos...
4 Monty: Why not just kill Hitler?
4 Prof. Jones: Where's the fun in that?

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Alternate punchlines, thanks to Ral and margath. Insert as the dialogue in the final panel. I would have made graphics for these, but there's too many!

  1. Monty: Why not steal Hitler's Brain in a jar?
    Prof. Jones: Don't be silly, that's just a fable.

  2. Monty: Wouldn't it just be easier to do away with Hitler and his cronies?
    Prof. Jones: I don't know, Junior, that sounds awfully complicated.

  3. Monty: Whoah there, Dad. I'm not contracted to do that many movies.

  4. Monty: Dad, don't you ever think of taking a vacation?
    Prof. Jones: What? This isn't a vacation?

  5. Monty: This is beginning to sound like a videogame, only you're not all that much to look at, Dad.
And yes, that's a photo of St Mark's Square in Venice, taken by yours truly. The full photo is here.
2012-04-02 Rerun commentary: I've replaced the photo link above to a much cleaner version of the photo, which I've since tidied up a lot more and posted to Flickr. It's one of my 20 most popular photos on Flickr.

This strip must be one of the earliest ones in which I did a complete blue-screen replacement of the background in a graphics editor. Heaven knows how long it must have taken me back in the day, with Paintshop Pro. Even recently, with the power of Photoshop, I dreaded doing these because they were tedious, boring, and time-consuming.

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