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<   No. 1337   2006-09-24   >

Comic #1337

1 Draak: Much orc, here now!
1 Mordekai: Fireball them! Quick!
2 Alvissa: Are you mad?!
2 Mordekai: Better he aims at them and not us!
3 Alvissa: This is Kyros we're talking about!
3 Mordekai: Oh, good point...
4 [sound]: Fwackoom!

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There is no reference to this strip's number. I don't do that.


2016-04-02 Rerun commentary: The non-reference being to leet.

Does anyone still do leet these days, or is it a thing that died out in the 2000s?

I can just see my nephews saying stuff like, "Leet? What's that? Oh, is that something you old people used to do?"

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