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<   No. 1338   2006-09-25   >

Comic #1338

1 Nigerian Finance Minister: I had an idea. What if we make the Nigerian Government a charity? People will donate money to us!
2 Nigerian Finance Bureaucrat: That sounds good, Finance Minister, but it will be tax deductible and we'll lose the tax income.
3 Nigerian Finance Minister: Hmmm...
4 Nigerian Finance Minister: Even if we charge the standard up-front processing fee?
4 Nigerian Finance Bureaucrat: For donations or tax returns?
4 Nigerian Finance Minister: Both!

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It's been a long time between drinks for the Nigerian Finance Minister. Since that last strip I've acquired a Lando Calrissian minifigure, so I actually have a pair of dark skin-colour hands for the Nigerian Finance Bureaucrat now and don't need to alter them digitally. This makes a significant time saving.

2016-04-04 Rerun commentary: I am here however still digitally recolouring the sleeves of the Nigerian Finance Minister. He's using LEGO basketball arms, which don't have sleeves, so I needed to change the colour to black to match his suit.

This strip, by the way, contains a great idea. If governments became registered charities, you could tax deduct your taxes! The resulting numerical feedback would result in lots of jobs for advanced mathematicians who require calculus and/or numerical approximation algorithms to calculate your tax return! It'd keep them off the streets!

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