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<   No. 1369   2006-10-26   >

Comic #1369

1 Me: Today, as a special treat, Irregular Webcomic! is going Canadian!
2 Me: Bonjour! Aujourd'hui, pour une surprise spéciale, Irregular Webcomic! va être Canadien.
3 Me: Eh!
4 Me: Sorry, I'm not sure how funny this is. I don't normally make fun of Canada.

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Yes, that's a bottle of maple syrup in my hand. Hey, it was the only remotely Canadian thing I had in the house. And yes, it's real maple syrup, imported, in fact, from Canada. I don't know how much maple syrup costs in Canada, but after the importation, it's bloody expensive here in Australia. That bottle cost about $11. Yummy though.

The background is a composite of two photos I took myself, in Victoria, capital of British Columbia. Beautiful city. The building is the Parliament of British Columbia, which is quite interesting to visit and refreshingly light on overt security. You can wander around inside much of the building unaccompanied, and explore at your own leisure.

2016-05-17 Rerun commentary: Wow, I should do a series of these, visiting every country!

This would of course require me to actually visit each country, to get the requisite background photos. And after all, I wouldn't want to make fun of a place I'd never been to.

Though in fact, although there are various Canadian stereotypes, I believe I'm pretty much ignorant of most of them. People in the USA, sharing a border with Canada, have a lot more exposure to Canadian culture than I do here in the opposite hemisphere. Australians in general probably couldn't tell you any Canadian stereotypes, really, except possibly something vague about Mounties or lumberjacks.

I really only know the "eh" thing from American media (and honestly have no idea how accurate or otherwise it is). And I cannot pick a Canadian accent from an American one. I know for Americans and Canadians differentiating the accents is probably trivial, but not for everyone.

(Similarly, for me it's trivial to differentiate Australian, New Zealand, South African, Pacific islander, and British accents, yet when I've travelled to the US I've been asked several times if my accent is British or South African.)

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