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<   No. 140   2003-06-14   >

Comic #140

1 Draak: Raarrrgghh!!
1 Lambert: Hey, lizard man, would you like to work as my bodyguard?
2 Draak: What you pay?
2 Lambert: Two silver pieces a week.
2 Draak: Draak like.
3 Mordekai: Hang on! I don't think we should let a lizard man join the party!
3 Draak: You want Draak smite?
3 Mordekai: On second thought...
4 Alvissa: Hey, this guy could come in handy...
4 Lambert: Saves me silver from pickpocketing as well.

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I'd been thinking of using some different fonts for a while, and a reader suggested the same thing and pointed me at Blambot for fonts suitable for comics. Draak's speech is in a cool font called Mouth Breather BB.

I think this is probably the strip with the most speech balloons I've done yet.

2012-04-10 Rerun commentary: Blambot is still a great site to go to for cool fonts. They have some very nice fonts for sale, and also a whole stack of free fonts. The focus is on fonts suitable for use in comics, including bold and brassy title styles, legible lettering styles, and punchy sound effect styles.

It's mildly interesting (well, to me, anyway) that Lambert refers to "silver pieces" here. That's the generic term often used in games like Dungeons & Dragons to refer to silver coinage. Later on in the comic, silver coins would become known as "silver nobles", which is part of the currency system I like to use in my real life fantasy games. Copper coins are "commons", silver are "nobles", and gold are "crowns". I find these sort of names somewhat more (pseudo-)realistic and flavourful than "copper pieces", "silver pieces", and "gold pieces".

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