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<   No. 1412   2006-12-08   >

Comic #1412

1 Townsman: Why are you raiding Port Royal?
2 Wendy: We be seekin' the treasure map me father be takin' from Greybeard the Pirate!
3 Townsman: He's just a senile old salt! What could his map tell you?
4 Wendy: I be knowin' that, but Greybeard be the one drawin' the map, not me father!

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I was trying to think of a cool name for a pirate, and the Blackbeard and Redbeard (and heck, even Yellowbeard) pattern struck me. I figured this was the next logical step.

Note: Bluebeard was not a pirate.

2016-07-16 Rerun commentary: Brownbeard now exists too (he didn't when this comic was first published), and is in fact a pirate.

There's also a Greenbeard, but he doesn't seem to be a pirate. (And there's also a thing called the green-beard effect, which is completely unrelated.)

Purplebeard appears to be some sort of Bulgarian youth sports company, but it's difficult finding out exactly what they do from their website. (It also refused to load in my main browser - I had to switch to a different one to even see the text.)

There doesn't seem to be anything for "Orangebeard" as a single word.

Silverbeard is a dwarven war god from the Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting.

And Goldbeard has a few hits, including an online gambling site, but the coolest one is a guitar making workshop in New Zealand.

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