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<   No. 1422   2006-12-18   >

Comic #1422

1 Lambert: {still in darkness} Riddle contest, eh? Okay then... What's green, has six legs, and will kill you if it drops on you from a tree?
2 Gollum: Too easy, it iss! A billiardss table! How did the man drown in his muessli?
3 Lambert: Erm... He got pulled under by a currant! How do you know when there's five elephants in your refrigerator?
4 Gollum: There'ss a Volkssswagen parked outside!
4 Lambert: Dang, you're good.

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I knew I'd find an excuse to use some of my favourite silly riddles one day.

The last one is a good example of a joke that you can only understand if you have prior knowledge. (i.e. a serial joke, as opposed to the second one, which is a cereal joke.) I suspect most readers will get it, but there'll probably be a few who don't, so I offer the following:

How do you fit five elephants in a Volkswagen?

Two in the front and three in the back!
How do you know when there's an elephant in your refrigerator?
There's footprints in the butter!
How do you know when there's two elephants in your refrigerator?
There's two sets of footprints in the butter!
Okay, now go back and re-read the comic. :-)
2016-07-30 Rerun commentary: When elephants travel, how do they carry their luggage?
In their trunk. (Of the Volkswagen, of course. What did you think I meant?)
It's not commonly known that elephants seek refuge in refrigerators to alleviate symptoms of parasites. Being such large creatures, one of the things that commonly infests the skin of elephants is weasels. By seeking cold temperatures, the elephants try to make the weasels uncomfortable enough to leave.

Manufacturers marketing cars to elephants tried to take advantage of this by fraudulently claiming that the air conditioning systems in their cars are powerful enough to drive the parasites away. When this fraud was exposed, it became known as the "Volkswagen weasel remission scandal".

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