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<   No. 1442   2007-01-07   >

Comic #1442

1 {scene: The dark tunnels of the secret dwarven kingdom, lit by the pallid light of Kyros' glowing orb}
1 Lambert: There was a strange creature...
1 Mordekai: It must have run off when we arrived.
2 Lambert: It tried to attack me! It was after my ring! It was going to eat me and then steal it!
3 Kyros: Strange how one can become so tainted by lust for wealth and power, as embodied in shiny trinkets, and corrupted to such a wretched state...
4 Mordekai: Yes, but what about this creature he mentioned?

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Because I know I'll forget it if I don't record it somewhere, the lighting effect in each panel consists of the following steps in Photoshop:

  1. Base layer showing photograph.
  2. Soft Light layer with radial gradient from Kyros-sphere-blue centred on sphere to black at farthest corner, 100% opacity.
  3. Hard Light layer as soft light layer, but clipped to a circle 8 pixels larger than the sphere, feathered by 6 pixels, 100% opacity.
  4. Levels adjustment layer, Normal blend, 68% opacity, pushing RGB black point up to 128, with layer mask radial gradient black at sphere to white at corner.
  5. Hue/Saturation adjustment layer, Normal blend, 100% opacity, saturation -100%, lightness -63%, with layer mask as levels layer.
Don't get the impression that I'm some sort of Photoshop guru. It took me about two hours of fiddling to work out this combination to produce the sort of effect I was after. I'm quite pleased with it though.
2016-08-27 Rerun commentary: I was indeed far from a Photoshop guru back then with that sequence of steps.

Now, to create the glowing effect of Kyros's orb, I do the following steps:

  1. Select the orb, by clicking on it once with the magic wand tool.
  2. Click the play button on the "Kyros Orb" action I have saved in Photoshop's actions list.

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