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<   No. 1447   2007-01-12   >

Comic #1447

1 Paris: {walking along a street on Bune} So Quercus, may I ask how your species reproduces?
2 Quercus: You know how humans make vague allusions to birds and bees when talking to children about it, to avoid the embarrassing details?
3 Paris: Yes.
4 Quercus: We make vague allusions to sperm, ova, and copulation.

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If you're a child and you are reading this, ask your parents what those words in the last panel mean. Grown-ups love explaining this stuff to kids.

2016-09-03 Rerun commentary: Trees are copulating all around you as we speak!

Let's not even get into what grass is doing up your nose if you suffer from hay fever.

On another tangent: Birds are somewhat reasonable, but why do bees get mentioned in the context of explaining human reproduction? Queen bees mate just a few times in their life, over the course of a day or so, until they are "fully mated" (i.e. full of as much drone (male bee) sperm as they can store. They keep this supply in viable form inside their bodies for years, doling it out as needed to fertilise and lay hundreds of thousands of eggs.

Seems like someone isn't trying to tell the kids an accurate story about human reproduction...

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