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<   No. 1446   2007-01-11   >

Comic #1446

1 Long Tom: Weigh anchor!
2 Dirque: {checking the ship's anchor} A hundred and sixty hundredweight!
3 {beat as they stare at each other}
4 Long Tom: Be this a pirate ship or a comedy club?!
4 Dirque: Yo ho ho, cap'n!

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Hundredweight. I love units that have at least three mutually incompatible definitions.

2016-09-02 Rerun commentary: ... For anyone holding their breath over whether my new rerun administration interface worked successfully (mentioned in the rerun annotation for the previous strip)...

Yes, it did! I managed to get the database SQL statement correct first time around, and it worked without any unexpected effects. This was actually slightly surprising. I might tweak the interface a little to make it even easier for me to use.

Alas, none of you get to see my handiwork, since it's strictly for my own site administration only.

On today's actual strip: Dirque sure is a strong fellow.

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