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<   No. 1457   2007-01-22   >

Comic #1457

1 {scene: a vast cyclopean cavern where Steve has apparently been led by airport security...}
1 Cthulhu: Steve...
1 Steve: G'day, Cthulhu.
2 Cthulhu: Countless aeons have I waited for revenge...
2 Steve: Crikey! It's only been a few months!
3 {silent beat}
4 Cthulhu: It feels like countless aeons...

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We haven't seen Cthulhu in this theme since way back in #847. (He was in #1063, but that was just a Christmas special strip.)

2016-09-17 Rerun commentary: Because Cthulhu is so much bigger than Steve, I placed Steve on an elevated platform for this encounter to make the photography and composition easier. It's quite difficult showing two such disparately tall characters in one shot without revealing parts of the background that would just be bits of my room, rather than LEGO sets. (In fact you can see part of the wall behind the set in panel 4 - but I was careful to keep it blank wall, rather than revealing any furniture or wall decorations.)

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