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<   No. 1459   2007-01-24   >

Comic #1459

1 Ophelia: We have a deadline next week! You've been typing flat out; you must have something to show for it!
1 Shakespeare: Um...
2 Ophelia: {looking at Will's monitor} Harry Potter fan-fic!! Will! You have to stop worrying about Malfoy and concentrate on work. You'll just get into trouble.
3 Shakespeare: Oooh, nice! I can use that as a line for Hermione!
4 Shakespeare: {looking at Ophelia as she simply stares at him} What?

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I really, really struggled to come up with a punchline for this.

I went for understatement in the end.

A reader writes:
Find yourself struggling for a punchline? Fret not! Roll 1d6 and replace the last panel with the following:
  1. Shakespeare: What's wrong? ... Did you want credit for that?
  2. Ophelia: This is for your posthumous piece, right?
  3. Shakespeare: Uhh... after we finish with the deadline, I mean. Next month, you said?
  4. Ophelia: I hope you can type while standing. In the unemployment line. With a kicked shin.
  5. Shakespeare: Now, would you say you said that "worriedly" or "exasperatedly"?
  6. Shakespeare: What? ... Hey, feel free to use anything I say, too. You've been working on some big project too, right? Some manual thing? ... Ophelia?

2016-09-20 Rerun commentary: Let's make that a d12 roll:
  1. Ophelia: Then Harry replies, "Sorry, I'll get back to what I'm supposed to be doing."
    Shakespeare: No, that won't do...
  2. {awkward silence}
  3. Shakespeare: As the actress said to the bishop.
  4. Mercutio: {off panel} Third base!
  5. Ophelia: I'll have what she's having.
  6. Ophelia: Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?

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