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<   No. 1468   2007-02-02   >

Comic #1468

1 {scene: A zeppelin landing field. Colonel Haken and Erwin are walking across it to the Graf Zeppelin.}
1 Haken: So, you put a radio tracking device in Fraulein Doktor Smith's shoe?
1 Erwin: Ja.
2 Haken: {stopping in awe} But, this is fantastische! Radio equipment is needing lead und acid for die batteries, und die valves und die coils... It is huge!
3 Haken: How can you get a radio transmitter small enough to fit into a shoe und not be noticed?
4 Erwin: {walking off towards the zeppelin, leaving Haken behind} Nazi science is good for things other than sneering, Herr Kolonel.

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Off in the Graf Zeppelin again! The last time I did a scene like this I had to blend the foreground and background images laboriously by hand, with mixed results. This time I've learnt a bunch of cool techniques in Photoshop to do the blending much faster and more neatly.

And yes, the Graf Zeppelin was destroyed previously in this theme, but the Nazis have used it since, so it's obviously been rebuilt. Or something. Amazing things, zeppelins.

2016-10-02 Rerun commentary: Nazi science is clearly way ahead of its time here, with the implication being that they've invented miniaturised electronics. It was a shoe-in, really.

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