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<   No. 1480   2007-02-14   >

Comic #1480

1 {scene: The crew, minus Paris, have returned to the bridge of the Legacy, in port at Bune.}
1 Serron: While we're in port, can we upgrade the ship?
1 Iki Piki: Yeah, we need weapons!
2 Spanners: Uh. That's kind of illegal.
2 Iki Piki: Meaning what, exactly?
3 GM: You're a civilian vessel. It'd be like driving through the city in a car with machine guns and rocket launchers mounted.
4 Serron: Yeah!? Awesome!
4 Iki Piki: We look for a black market supplier!

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I love it when the strips virtually write themselves.

I've decided to do some development of Iki Piki's character. He's had lines in 120 strips so far, but I'm not sure anyone can give much of a description of his personality yet.

2016-10-30 Rerun commentary: It seems to be almost a given that in science fiction games where you flit around between star systems in a spaceship of your own, that you get a ship equipped with some sort of weapons. For fighting off all the space pirates and evil Imperial fighters and hostile aliens, no doubt.

Well in my game (that this comic is based on) this is actually highly unusual - and more to the point, highly illegal. A civilian space vessel would normally be completely unarmed, for pretty much the same reasons that your car doesn't have machine guns mounted on it.

Military vessels are another kettle of fish, of course, but then there's no way as a responsible Game Master that you should be letting PCs get their hands on one of those.*

* Sure, unless you're running a military campaign and you're actually going to be throwing military hardware at them.

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