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<   No. 1506   2007-03-12   >

Comic #1506

1 Yeti: {leading Terry across mountainous terrain} We have this sort of secret village thing. We try to avoid human contact, wot.
2 Terry: My GPS unit went haywire as I approached this area.
3 Yeti: There's an electronic shield that interferes with navigation systems. Jolly complicated business. Keeps us safely obscure.
3 Terry: Amazing.
4 Yeti: Rather. But it messes with our TV reception during cricket matches something severe.

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Cricket is my favourite sport. So much so that I've written a simple explanation of cricket that has become one of the standard references on the web. If you've ever wondered about the sport and are interested to learn more, try giving it a read.

Incidentally, the 2007 Cricket World Cup has just begun in the West Indies. Reduced sleep rations for me for the next few weeks!

2016-12-31 Rerun commentary: Presumably the yetis also have a way to hide from satellite and aerial imagery, so people can't find them simply using Google Maps.

Or maybe not.

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