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<   No. 1526   2007-04-01   >

Comic #1526

1 Me: I regret to have to inform everyone that I am discontinuing Irregular Webcomic! pending the outcome of litigation served by The Lego Group, ...
2 Me: ... Lucasfilm, J. K. Rowling, The Jane Goodall Institute, Beyond Productions and The Discovery Channel, Peter Jackson, the Tolkien Estate, ...
3 Me: ... Steve Jackson Games, Wizards of the Coast, Chaosium, Microsoft, Wildlife Warriors, EON Productions, The Government of Nigeria, and Disney.
4 Me: Actually, I don't know what I did to offend Disney. I think they just decided to get in on it.

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Just to be perfectly clear:

This is not serious. I have not been served legal papers or even been contacted by any of these entities. I am not ending Irregular Webcomic! I will, however, happily take donations to fund my legal defence. I estimate I'll need at least US$5 million. You can PayPal money to my address below.

I actually really dislike April Fool's Day and April Fool's jokes. Yet every year I get readers asking me what special thing I have planned for the day. I usually resolve to try to ignore it completely. And the fact that I work in advance means that by the time people remind me that it's coming up, I've already slotted in a strip for the day anyway. (I'm typing this on 25 February. Really.)

So this time I thought I'd do something really unusual.

You should feel privileged to have seen me wearing a tie.

2017-02-12 Rerun commentary: Hilariously in hindsight: Disney now owns the Star Wars franchise, which of course I've been making fun of occasionally in previous comics.

I guess this is why they bought it - just so they could get a piece of this legal action.

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