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<   No. 1552   2007-04-27   >

Comic #1552

1 Kyros: {hanging on precariously to the edge of the shattered Bridge as the flaming whip of the Balrog drags him down} Fly, you fools!
2 {Kyros falls.}
3 {The others look on in shocked silence.}
4 Lambert: {turning to Mordekai} I always knew Kyros would go out with an insult.

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I originally wrote this strip with the punchline by Mordekai:

Fly?! How are we supposed to fly? You're the freaking wizard!
Then I added Lambert's line as you see it above. The script sat in my ideas file for a week or so before I took the photos and assembled the strip.

I kept both lines right up until the point where they were both typed in and had word balloons added. And then I looked at it and realised the entire effect of this strip would be stronger without Mordekai's line. So it had to go.

It's a bit of a shame, since I feel it was a good line by itself. It's just that Lambert's line is stronger, and I couldn't reasonably split them over two strips, since both need to be said in the immediate aftermath of Kyros falling to have the correct context. So, I'm recording Mordekai's lost line here in the annotation for posterity.

2017-04-15 Rerun commentary: One lesson in creative development that Mark Rosewater reiterates several times in his weekly Making Magic design columns for the Magic: The Gathering card game, is that you often have lots of cool ideas, but you shouldn't necessarily use them all. If something is cool in isolation, but adding it into a more complete work detracts from the overall effect, then you're better off leaving it out.

We all like to cram as many cool ideas as possible into what we make. But sometimes the end product suffers for that. You have to know what to leave out (and perhaps save for another time). It can be hard to leave something out that you know is really cool, but the most important thing is the overall effect of your completed work, not the number of ideas you can squeeze into it. Sometimes too much is actually too much.

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