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<   No. 1566   2007-05-11   >

Comic #1566

1 Monty: {pointing at a closed door} What's in there?
1 Minnesota Jones: The Sistine Chapel.
1 Monty: The Sistine Chapel! Let's have a look!
2 Minnesota Jones: We don't have time.
2 Monty: {stopping by the door as Minesota Jones keeps walking past it} The Sistine Chapel!
2 Minnesota Jones: It's overrated.
2 Monty: But... Michelangelo!
3 Minnesota Jones: A hack. Have you had a good close look at the anatomical details on Adam's little toe?
4 Monty: {hands raised in frustration} What? No! I haven't!
4 Minnesota Jones: {walking off with Prof. Jones and Dr. Smith} Trust me...

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The Sistine Chapel is indeed worth seeing. I spent some time inside it when I visited Rome. It was magnificent... and extremely crowded. The Vatican Museums get umpteen bazillion visitors a year, and they all seem to want to fit inside the Sistine Chapel at the same time. It was shoulder-to-shoulder standing room when I was in there - rather claustrophobic and not particularly fun. And what's more, there's strictly no photography allowed. Eagle-eyed guards keep a watch and aren't shy in yelling at people who look like they might be about to point a camera.

But it's still worth it to see the amazing frescoes.

Michelangelo painted the ceiling between 1508 and 1512, and The Last Judgment on the wall above the altar from 1535 to 1541. The rest of the walls had been painted by a suite of artists including Botticelli and Perugino from 1481 to 1482.

The Adam that Minnesota Jones refers to is none other than the Adam, as depicted in Michelangelo's The Creation of Adam, which is one of the panels near the centre of the ceiling.

Hmmm... panels...

You could say that Michelangelo painted a giant nine-panel comic up there.

2017-05-17 Rerun commentary: I visited the Sistine Chapel back in the days of film cameras and flip phones. I can't imagine what sort of anti-photography chaos there must be in there now that everybody has a digital camera in their phone.

Speaking of Adam's little toe, Schliemannian Chair Minnesota Jones is very observant. You can't see the little toe on Adam's left foot at all, as it's hidden in the shadow under his right leg (you can see the first four toes, but not the fifth). The little toe on his right foot is visible, though it's rather squashed and partly hidden. Though he may have a point - that right foot does look a little bit odd.

Adam's foot

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