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<   No. 1580   2007-05-25   >

Comic #1580

1 [title]: Wittgenstein and Nietzsche, by Morgan-Matterson
1 Spaceman Spiff: Spaceman Spiff is hit!! His ship spirals out of control!
2 Spacemen Spiff: The chrono-displacement circuits overload!
3 Spaceman Spiff: He crash lands on Earth, but in what time period?
4 Spaceman Spiff: It's the Jurassic! Spaceman Spiff is about to become a snack for an Allosaurus!
4 Allosaurus: RARRRRHHH!
5 Spaceman Spiff: {levelling ray-gun at Allosaurus, which is showing a ferocious mouth full of fangs lunging at Spiff} Carnivores! Top predators, living off the honest hard work of lesser species!
6 Spaceman Spiff: Skimming the cream off the ecosystem energy pyramid! Enjoying the easy life at the expense of the oppressed masses! {Allosaurus stops and regards Spiff with "here we go again" expression}
7 Wittgenstein: {Back in reality, same pose as Spiff, with Nietzsche the tiger in same expression as the Allosaurus} The vile despoiler pauses, calculating how best to exploit its unearned position of power!
7 Nietzsche: It's not my fault your parents won't let you try raw meat.

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Bill Watterson's Calvin and Hobbes is, more than anything, the reason I started making comics. Watterson retired his strip in 1995, having written 3,160 strips.

Today marks the point at which I reach half that figure. All I have to do is produce another 1,580 strips to match this giant of the cartooning world. And the important thing is: I know I can make 1,580 strips, because now I've done it once before.

I thought the best way to celebrate this landmark was to pay homage to Calvin and Hobbes with a parody. And since my own artistic stylings wouldn't come anywhere near Watterson's, I prevailed upon the multi-talented Andrew Bird again to provide artwork for me.

2017-06-18 Rerun commentary: These days I might actually give copying Bill Watterson's art style a go myself. Though I don't expect I could do nearly as well as Andrew at evoking the style so well. So many little touches in here that he just got perfect.

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