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<   No. 1579   2007-05-24   >

Comic #1579

1 {scene: A plane flight from Nepal back to Australia.}
1 Steve: And you thought we wouldn't find any yetis! Crikey! It's been a trip full of surprises!
2 Steve: I bet you never thought we'd make friends with a whole village of them! Or that I'd become King of Nepal!
3 Steve: Or be taken prisoner by Cthulhu again! Or cheat Death after being poisoned and choked by a giant frog!
4 Terry: Actually, the last two I half-expected.

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The weirdest thing that happened to me on my recent trip to Germany was running into George Lucas. Seriously. Here's a photo I took:

George Lucas on my vacation

Luckily I was incognito and he didn't recognise me.

2017-06-17 Rerun commentary: Steve and Terry clearly have seats over the wing, since you can see grey with Lego brick studs on it through the windows.

And it looks like they've caught the same flight out of Nepal that the guy with the Hawaiian shirt took. He was on the same flight as Steve and Terry flying into Nepal, remember?

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