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<   No. 159   2003-07-03   >

Comic #159

1 Iki Piki: There's something on the scanner.
1 Spanners: Can you tell what it is?
2 GM: It's some sort of weird spatial anomaly.
3 Iki Piki: Oh man, not again. I hate those things.
3 Spanners: Nah, they're okay...
4 Spanners: It's the temporal anomalies that get old really quickly.

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2012-05-02 Rerun commentary: Again we have the astronomy book photograph being propped up behind the windows as a starfield. This method never really worked very well.

And of course once Einstein comes into play you can have spatio-temporal anomalies, which are just all over the place. And time.

The eyes of both Iki Piki and Spanners are painted with metallic silver paint, covered with a coloured ink wash to give them the distinctive blue and purple colours.

Oh, and this is before I built my standardised spaceship control panels for the ship! Wow, you can see some stuff here that never shows up as part of the ship controls later on. In particular the black screen with gold perspective lines seen in the middle of panel 3. It's a Death Star trench run panel from a LEGO X-wing model.

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