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<   No. 1597   2007-06-11   >

Comic #1597

1 {scene: The Vatican. The Pope's rottweilers are busy eating the food from the doggie bag.}
1 Minnesota Jones: There, the dogs are distracted by the food. Let's go. {walks past the dogs}
2 Monty: {following} Wait a minute. That restaurant we went to has an all-you-can-eat menu...
3 Monty: ... and offers doggie bags?
4 Prof. Jones: I told you it was a good restaurant.

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The all-you-can-eat restaurant has always fascinated me for the possibilities it opens up in interaction with other dining options, such as the doggie bag. The other one is:

"Fred's Pizza."

"Hi, I'll have the all-you-can-eat special. Delivered."

2017-07-29 Rerun commentary: The dashed line in the wall just above head height is a row of Lego studs exposed because the wall above them is made of layers of tall bricks laid sideways, so they don't interlock. So in between you can see the Lego studs, separated by gaps through which you can see the wall (of my home) behind the set.

Personally I tend to avoid all-you-can-eat places, since I don't really get value from them. I'd rather not stuff myself more than a normal meal just to get "value" out of the deal. Usually a normal a la carte dish is cheaper and fills me up just fine.

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