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<   No. 161   2003-07-05   >

Comic #161

1 Mordekai: We approach the fabled city of Rivendeep.
2 Kyros: It has a rough reputation. We must be wary.
2 Lambert: Draak will protect us from any ruffians!
3 Alvissa: The taverns are full of drunkards spoiling for a fight!
3 Lambert: I'm sure Draak can best them.
4 Draak: Yes. Draak good at drink beer!
4 Alvissa: Are you still sure this is a good idea, Lambert?

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2012-05-04 Rerun commentary: Rivendeep is a name munged together from Rivendell, the haven of the elves ruled by Elrond from The Lord of the Rings, and Waterdeep, the largest city in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for the Dungeons & Dragons game.

It's a good way to make up names for stuff. Choose two famous examples of names for the same sort of thing you're trying to name, and mix and match the first and last parts of the names.

It seems someone had a similar idea to mine...

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