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<   No. 1664   2007-08-17   >

Comic #1664

1 {scene: Port Royal, Jamaica}
1 Townsman: {rushing with news} Governor Wenchgood! Captain Ponsonby has returned!
2 Governor: Has he got the pirates? The map they stole? My daughter??
3 Townsman: Would you say two out of three is good?
3 Governor: Hmmm... Depends on which two... let's see now...
4 Townsman: Oh, it doesn't apply here. I was just musing in general philosophical terms.

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I'm most intrigued that the Japanese single cover for Meatloaf's 1977 hit Two Out of Three Ain't Bad appears to contain the song title translated as 66% Ain't Bad.

EDIT: A reader writes that the Japanese version apparently translates to "66% Temptation"... which makes even less sense...

2017-12-31 Rerun commentary: Wikipedia's image of the Japanese Two Out of Three Ain't Bad single cover has been deleted, so I've updated the link I originally provided by reproducing the cover here:

Japanese Two Out of Three Ain't Bad single cover

Interestingly, the B-side of this single is a catchy ditty titled You Took the Words Right Out of My Mouse. Lest you feel I've pulled a Photoshop swifty, confirms it.

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