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<   No. 1665   2007-08-18   >

Comic #1665

1 Shady Black Market Weapons Dealer: Right, time for your organ extraction. Move! {orders the prisoners out of their cell}
2 Iki Piki: What organs do you plan to remove?
3 Shady Black Market Weapons Dealer: Nothing you can't live without.
4 Serron: That doesn't sound so bad.
4 Shady Black Market Weapons Dealer: For a couple of hours.
4 Serron: Oh.

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I had my gall bladder removed some years ago. I don't think my doctor made any money selling it for transplant though, seeing as it's a fairly redundant bit of human anatomy.

For a few months afterwards, because of the smaller amount of bile that could be stored in my digestive system, I would feel a little queasy after eating an overly fatty meal. I don't get that any more though. Either my digestion has adapted, or I unconsciously tend to avoid overly fatty meals these days. Either way, it's good!

2018-01-03 Rerun commentary: Another good thing about not having a gall bladder (besides not having chronic pain in the upper abdomen, that is) is that I won't ever be kept in captivity to harvest bile for traditional Chinese medicines. (WARNING: linked article describes terrible animal cruelty. Only read if you want to be truly disgusted by what some humans will do.)

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