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<   No. 1681   2007-09-03   >

Comic #1681

1 Shady Black Market Weapons Dealer: Into the operating rooms!
2 Iki Piki: Quick! Tell us something useful about our future! Something that might help us get out of this alive!
3 Serron 2: Bet heavily on the Acropolis Titans to win the zero-gee football Galactic Cup.
4 Serron: Woohoo! A betting tip from the future! We're going to be rich!
4 Iki Piki: And dead.
4 Serron: Yes, but rich!!

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The dialogue in panel 2 was really hard to break cleanly to fit an elliptical speech bubble.

The Acropolis Titans are of course a zero-gee football team from the planet Acropolis. I'm not sure exactly how zero-gee football is played, but I'd definitely be interested to see a game.

2018-02-10 Rerun commentary: Betting tips from your future self have a venerable history in fiction. Of course, often things don't work out as planned...

I assume in zero-gee football, the players would need some sort of propulsion system, lest they end up drifting and have no way to control where they're going.

Red Dwarf also has a fictional version of zero-gee football, but that's hardly any more explained or specified than what Serron is talking about in this strip. Sometimes it's good to have a reference to something that is never explained.

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