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<   No. 1688   2007-09-10   >

Comic #1688

1 {blackness}
2 Serron: Oooh, my head...
2 Iki Piki: Serron? Is that you?
2 Serron: I think so... What happened?
3 Iki Piki: They must have dumped us, thinking we'd die before the anaesthetic wore off. Our extracted organs must be miles away by now.
4 Serron: Yeah, feels like I'm lying on a pile of garbage.
4 Iki Piki: That's me, you idiot!

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The cool thing is, since I've done the all-black panel thing a few times now, it's not obvious from just the first panel what's going on here.

But all becomes clear (figuratively speaking) in the second panel. Hopefully prompting you to wonder just what it does look like here, in whatever place it is they've now found themselves.

2018-02-25 Rerun commentary: You know, in hindsight, if I'd never done the all-black panel thing before, it might have been even less obvious what was going on from just the first panel.

Maybe one day I'll set up a situation where it would make sense in every theme at the same time to have an all-black comic with no dialogue. And let you figure out which theme is being shown.

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