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<   No. 1702   2007-09-24   >

Comic #1702

1 {scene: The British galleon Anatotitan, at anchor in Port Royal.}
1 Ponsonby: Weigh anchor! We sail for Antigua!
2 Mate: Antigua? But it's full of savage Caribs!
3 Ponsonby: And pirates!
4 Mate: Even more reason to go somewhere else!

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The Caribs are the native people of the Lesser Antilles, after whom the Caribbean Sea is named. They are recorded as being hostile, warlike, and cannabilistic, although there doesn't seem to be a huge amount known about their history.

2018-03-31 Rerun commentary: The ship sure is rocking a lot for such a calm looking sea.

I've done my usual trick here of slanting the horizon slightly differently in each panel, to give the impression of the ship rocking on the swell. I wonder how different an impression it would give if I held the horizon steady and rotated the ship slightly each panel.

The Caribs, by the way, are not responsible for carob. So they're not that savage.

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