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<   No. 2856   2010-11-21   >

Comic #2856

1 {scene: The engine room of the Legacy.}
1 Paris: Hey Spanners, Serron and Iki Piki have been gone an awfully long time. Too long for a simple delivery.
2 Spanners: Yes. I hope they haven't gotten into trouble or been arrested or something.
3 {beat}
4 Spanners: You're supposed to say, "Me too."
4 Paris: I'm thinking about it.

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My kitchen sink is acting up. Sometimes the water goes down like it should, but sometimes it clogs up and drains slowly, and sometimes it blocks up completely.

Then I have to get out the plunger, or worse, the chemicals, and try to unblock the drain. And a problem here is that the dishwasher also connects to the same drain pipe. So if water isn't going down the drain, it can back up and end up emerging inside the dishwasher. There's nothing quite like opening the dishwasher and having several centimetres of dirty, scummy water slosh out all over the kitchen floor.

So to effectively plunge the sink, I have to also stop up the dishwasher drain port somehow, otherwise it just acts as a relief valve for any pressure I try to build up with the plunger. Which means I need to recruit my wife to sit with her head in the dishwasher, holding a wet towel down over the drain outlet, with gakky scummy water sloshing around, while I plunge the sink and try to not splash and squirt said water all over everything else in the kitchen.

I wonder if by the 26th century they'll have figured out some way to stop sinks backing up!

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