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<   No. 1712   2007-10-04   >

Comic #1712

1 Terry: Steve, a herpetologist is someone who studies reptiles.
2 Steve: Oh! Crikey! Well, I don't know why they'd want anyone like that! It seems a bit silly to me!
3 Terry: What are you up to, Steve?
3 Steve: Nothin', Terry! Honest!
4 Stewardess: Excuse me sir, you ordered a special meal? Two live mice?

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Ah, the special meal. It always pays to order a special meal of some sort, even if you don't have any dietary restrictions, since you always get served first! Assuming of course that you can stomach airline food at all. Personally I'd rather pay $50 less on my fare and pack my own sandwiches, cold roast chicken, and coleslaw. Maybe some brie, a nice bitey cheddar, and crackers.

The woman sitting behind Steve, by the way, is a Lego minifigure I picked up on my trip to Germany a few months ago. I found a very cool Lego shop in Cologne. They had a big bucket of disassembled minifigures and you could assemble your own from the parts available and buy six for the price of five. So of course I grabbed all the coolest looking parts I could find and stuck them together hastily to make complete figures. It was awesome. :-)

2018-04-22 Rerun commentary: I will say that airline food seems to have improved somewhat in the past decade or so. Still not fantastic (with the exception of when I got upgraded to business class on JAL...), but at least moderately decent.

As it happens, I shall be returning to Cologne later this year, on a business trip for photography standards meetings. Assuming the Lego shop is still there, I shall have to pay it another visit.

A quick web search indicates it is still there. Awesome!

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