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<   No. 1717   2007-10-09   >

Comic #1717

1 Steve: {to a woman in the cabin crew} Hi, I'm a reptile expert! What do you need?
2 Stewardess: Please come with me, sir.
3 Stewardess: {whispering to Steve} The co-pilot will explain in the cockpit. We don't want to alarm the other passengers.
4 Steve: {following the stewardess up the aisle, surrounded by other passengers in their seats} Crikey! So there's some sort of dangerous wild animal loose on the plane?!

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I just want to say that no plane I've ever been in has aisles that wide. In hindsight maybe I should have added more people in seats on the other side of the aisle. Ah well.

And if the whispered text is too small for you to read, check the "vision-impaired" subtitles. Not to imply that you have impaired vision, of course. It is a little small. But hey, a whisper is hard to hear. In a text medium it should be hard to read. ;-)

2018-05-05 Rerun commentary: Yes, that's a chef in panel 4. In uniform, complete with chef's hat. Of course chefs fly like that.

I can picture this guy complaining about the airline food in a French accent.

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