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<   No. 1739   2007-10-31   >

Comic #1739

1 [caption]: Three days later... {the Legacy is in space, approaching Bune for landing}
1 Paris: Back at Bune. That was our most successful trip yet!
2 Spanners: Yes. The outward trip plus our return cargo have net us a profit of just over 80,000 credits.
3 [caption]: Meanwhile, across town:
3 Nurse: Discharging yourselve? Here's the bill for your organ re-implantation.
4 Iki Piki: 90,000 credits?!!
4 Serron: Oh, and I had everything out of the mini-bar in my room.

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I've not heard of hospital rooms with mini-bars in them, but I figure it's a sure bet at some point in the not-too-distant future.

2018-06-17 Rerun commentary: A quick search revealed that there's at least one hospital in my city which offers rooms with mini-bars. These are not casualty wards however, but rather "parenting suites" available for maternity patients and their partners to stay together with a newborn baby.[1]

A bit more digging reveals this sort of thing to be fairly common, with dozens of hospitals offering similar maternity ward facilities.

Looking specifically for casualty wards with mini-bars is much less fruitful, but I did find two hospitals that offer casualty rooms with mini-bars, one in Malaysia (search page for "Mini bar") and one in India (search for "minibar").

[1] Unfortunately for some unfathomable reason the mini-bar doesn't include alcoholic drinks! Surely the new dads need a good strong gin and tonic every few hours to cope.

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