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<   No. 1746   2007-11-07   >

Comic #1746

1 {scene: The bridge of the Legacy, in the Bune starport.}
1 Iki Piki: Hi Paris. Uh... we spent all your money.
2 Paris: So you got the illegal weapons?
2 Serron: Well, no.
3 Paris: And what's this?
3 Iki Piki: A hospital bill for 90,073 credits.
3 Paris: A what?! For how much?!
4 Spanners: It could be worse.
4 Serron: Oh, and if two guys who look exactly like us come looking for us, we're not here, okay?

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Never say "it could be worse" around Serron.

2018-06-24 Rerun commentary: I suppose there is actually one good outcome in here. They didn't get the illegal weapons, so the danger of them being raided and charged with possession of illegal weapons is significantly lower than if they had got them.

An interesting thing with the ghost Paris is that she can be placed closer to the other characters than the real Paris. This is because she's composited in as a semi-transparent layer, and the physical restriction that her miniature base can't intersect with the bases of the other characters doesn't apply. You can see her base intersecting with those of Spanners and Iki Piki in this strip.

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