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<   No. 1770   2007-12-01   >

Comic #1770

1 Air Traffic Control: Sorry HL16, we're diverting all flights from Moscow.
2 Terry: What's the problem?
3 Air Traffic Control: There's a rail line parallel to the main runway. A cargo of minks, ferrets, and stoats has run amok on a 2TE116 locomotive.
4 Steve: Weasels on a diesel?! Crikey! Now it's gettin' ridiculous!
4 Terry: Now it's getting ridiculous?

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I asked some train fanciers for the name of a genuine Russian diesel locomotive, so I could use it in this strip and give a thrill to all those Russian locomotive experts who read it.

I was expecting something cool like a Grozny & Stukovich Model K "Wolverine" Mark III. Unfortunately Russian locomotive models are all apparently known simply by a bunch of letters and numbers. And since they used to be contracted out by the communist government to multiple manufacturers all over the country, there's no tradition of associating a single manufacturer name with any of them.

So you get something boring. But at least it's authentic.

Oh, and minks, ferrets, and stoats and all members of the weasel family.

2018-07-18 Rerun commentary: The stoats had to travel to the train station across a river.

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